KROOZ Rentals was the first Provider of Cars to Uber drivers. Andrew and Tina have been partners of Uber since the beginning and have passed their experience onto Drivers looking for a future in this industry. KROOZ Rentals continues to offer New and some Certified used vehicle to those drivers who for whatever reason cannot provide their own car. Our Motto “Your Success is Our Success” is a true reflection of how we operate. We are here to assist you gain a future.

We understand that not everyone has the means to buy a car to operate on the Ride Share platforms, so we created KROOZ Rentals to give you that opportunity.

We are not the largest Ride Share Company however we were the first and what we do offer is “Honesty, Loyalty, and integrity and a genuine concern for your future. We don’t hide information in our contracts and we certainly disclose everything before you sign up.

We offer your 24/7 Roadside assistance and 24/7 Help line just in case you get overwhelmed by what your doing. Lets face it. Its a big decision your about to make. Lets do it together with a company you can Trust.