Professional Consulting
  1. What type of Car would I receive ?

    We have many brands, both New and Certified Used Cars. All cars are covered by our warranty for the length of the contract.

  2. Can I return the car and cancel the contract ?

    YES, however we would talk to you and try find a resolution to what concerns you. Many Many people are making successful businesses from krooz. Why Not You !!!!

  3. How Much can I Earn ?

    The average full time driver can earn well in excess of $1700.00 up each week. We have been Uber drivers since mid 2014. We know how it works and we know every week some drivers earn over $2000.00. It’s up to YOU.

  4. Assistance:

    We offer all the help you need. We have lived the ups and downs and we have an intricate knowledge of the system. We are available 24/7 to answer any problems you may have whilst on the road.

  5. How Much will it Cost me ?

    Nothing up front. We will discuss every individual case but you can pay as you earn.

    REMEMBER: Other companies will charge a Kilometre rate after a certain amount of Kilometres. The average Full Time Driver WILL do more than 1000km each week. This could work out extremely expensive.

    Will I be charged a kilometre rate as other companies do? NEVER !

  6. Will I need to work every day ?

    At the end of the day that is your decision. You can work just the peak hours set out by Uber and receive the bonuses they offer, or you can set your own hours. The beauty of it is “Its Up To You”

  7. Accidents, What do I Do?

    All cars are comprehensively insured. Report the accident to krooz. If you have an at fault accident then you will be responsible for the excess.

  8. Existing Uber Driver and I have had an accident.

    We can HELP! Contact us and we will try help you.

  9. What happens if the car breaks down, im in an accident or needs servicing ?

    All cars are covered for the period of the contract with our 24/7 roadside assistance. Let us know and we will fix the problem. If your car needs extensive repair we will replace it to keep you earning. We have our own workshop so back on the road.

Still have questions?